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init(nilLiteral:) Optional " Apple Developer Documentation

It is used by the compiler when you initialize an Optional instance with a nil literal. For example: var i: Index? = nil In this example, the assignment to the i variable calls this initializer behind the scenes. Relationships. From Protocol. Expressible By Nil Literal. See Also.

vSphere Resource Management Guide vmware

vSphere Resource Management Guide ESX 4.1 ESXi 4.1 vCenter Server 4.1 This document supports the version of each product listed and supports all subsequent versions until the document is replaced

Use inertia modifiers to create snap points Windows UWP

Create snap points with inertia modifiers. ; 3 minutes to read; Contributors. In this article. In this article, we take a deeper dive into how to use an InteractionTracker"s InertiaModifier feature to create motion experiences that snap to a specified point.

UIViewAnimating UIKit " Apple Developer Documentation

protocol UIViewAnimating. Overview. The UIView Animating protocol defines the methods for implementing the basic flow control for animations, including the ability to start, stop, and pause animations. There are also several properties for reflecting the current state of the animation and for modifying that state while an animation is in progress.

Device family availability Windows UWP applications

Note. If you haven"t uploaded packages yet, the Device family availability section will show the Windows 10 device families with checkboxes that let you indicate whether or not the submission will be offered to customers on those device families. The table will appear after you upload one or more packages.

VMware Tools Documentation VMware Docs Home

VMware Tools is a set of services and modules that enable several features in VMware products for better management of, and seamless user interactions with, guest operating systems. VMware Tools Lifecycle Management provides a simplified and scalable



ClientDeniedByServerConfiguration Httpd Wiki

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